Arch Windows creates round and arched special aluminium structures using welded unpainted profiles, with excellent finish that provides a perfect fit in the frame, including

  • Fixed windows starting at a radius of 8cm (from 12cm radius for thermal break)
  • Opening windows/balcony door from 19cm radius (thermal break)
  • Pivoting from 24cm radius (thermal break)
  • Balustrades from 32cm radius free of cracks and filling
  • Railing psatha up to 1 metre high, from 32cm radius
  • Inox railings from 25cm radius
  • Doors hinged internally and externally from 38cm radius
  • Opening mesh screens from 24cm radius
  • Fixed mesh screens from 15cm radius
  • Aluminium curtain walls
  • Atriums
  • Partitions
  • Facility for bending industrial and crafts profiles

For opening windows/balcony doors a tilt and turn mechanism can be fitted including a warrantee.

The above structures can also be curved with painted profiles, to dimensions permitted by the profile’s cross-section.