The  Arch Windows frames you have selected, are highly durable and can be easily maintained by following these tips:

Aluminium frame maintenance

Arch Windows aluminium frames are manufactured in our company’s ultramodern factory, using unpainted profiles which are then welded and  given an electrostatic finish, avoiding oxidations and achieving a perfect result, according to the strictest EU quality standards. The frame components are imported from the most specialized component manufacturing plants in Germany, and continuous checks of their implementation, ensure the frames have excellent security, functionality and aesthetics.

Additionally, aluminium as a material, is characterized by its exceptional resistance to time, use and extreme environmental conditions. However, careful cleaning of aluminium frames and proper maintenance – repair, where and when needed, ensure an even longer service life and a retention of all of the frame’s properties.

For cleaning

  • Pick the time of day when the sun is not perpendicular to the surface of the aluminium frames. Possibly early in the morning or in the late afternoon during the summer months.
  • Make sure to keep your frames clean. At regular intervals and whenever deemed necessary, clean the frames using a soft sponge and a mild detergent (special mild liquid soap free of acid and alkaline elements and no chlorine, washing up liquid, etc.). Remove unwanted dirt gently, without rubbing with sharp objects or scouring pads.
  • In cases of stubborn dirt, contact the technical department of our company for a recommendation of a cleaner, which can be placed undiluted on the surface for a short time to help in removing the dirt more easily.
  • Clean the frames’ tracks with a vacuum cleaner, to remove anything that might inhibit their proper motion and then wipe the surface with a soft damp cloth. Do not pour water and let it stand.

For proper maintenance

  • All mechanisms that support the proper operation, security and support of Arch Windows aluminium frames require lubrication in order to continue to operate smoothly and seamlessly. Ask our company’s technical department about component’s lubrication. You can take care of the lubrication yourself using specific products available on the market (WD – 40 rust-inhibiting lubricant spray) or have it done by one of our technicians.
  • Make an appointment with a company technician for an inspection and maintenance of easily damaged components, such as seals, brushes, etc.
  • If you find it is difficult to open, close or tilt of a frame, do not hesitate to contact us. A frame’s difficulty in movement indicates a problem that must be solved immediately and our technical specialist is the right person for this. Do not attempt to repair a problem yourself.

Remember to call our company’s technical department for anything you have doubts about concerning the cleaning and maintenance of your frames. You will receive immediate and reliable answers and prompt professional service, to enjoy the frames of your choice for a lifetime.


PVC frame maintenance

Arch Windows PVC frames are manufactured in our company’s ultramodern factory, in strict compliance with EU rules and standards. The frames are checked at all stages of production and delivered for installation in perfect condition. Their proper installation and top quality components, with which they are supported and operate, ensure the desired security, functionality and aesthetics, with a long lifespan. Proper instructions for cleaning, use and maintenance of the frames will further prolong the period that they retain their properties.

For cleaning

  • Immediately after the installation of the PVC frames, ask the Arch Windows technicians to show you how to remove the outer protective transparent foil, which protect the frames until their installation. Under no circumstances leave them in place after installation. Sunlight will burn them and along with this may affect the surface beneath them.
  • If residues of silicone or other material used during the frames’ installation or a general renovation/construction of the house remain, consult our technicians regarding tools you should use for their removal (spatulas, special razors, etc.) as well as their proper use for the removal of unwanted materials without damaging the frames surface.
  • Always use mild special specification cleaning materials, clean the frames with a soft sponge and a mild detergent (special mild liquid soap free of acid and alkaline elements and no chlorine, washing up liquid, etc.) for use on synthetic frames. Otherwise it is likely that wear and distortion will appear on the outer surface of the frames.
  • Use a soft sponge or cloth to gently remove mild dirt, avoiding rubbing and pressure. If this persists, please contact our company technician for a recommendation of what material will help in proper cleaning.

For maintenance

  • At regular intervals lubricate the external components of PVC frames (using WD – 40 rust-inhibiting lubricant spray), such as seals and support mechanisms (hinges, etc.). Find out about lubricating materials and methods from our company technician.
  • Call a qualified technician to check both the frames’ general state, and the operation of various mechanisms, such as the locking function.

For the frames’ use

  • Learn about the frames’ proper use. Ask for brochures or talk to our company’s technician about how to open and close, tilt, clean, and maintain them.

Ventilate your home properly, so as to avoid a build-up of moisture inside it. Regularly open all the windows to create draughts and renew the air.